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We consistently maintain the quality of our services and facilities at piers and onboard so as to deliver the most enjoyable sea journey for passengers.

Our Fleet

Owning a fleet with 18 vessels that comprised of five triple-deck ordinary ferries, three double-deck ordinary ferries and four types in total of 10 high-speed catamarans, amounts to around 12,000 carrying capacity, Sun Ferry are committed to providing reliable, safe and excellent ferry services to the passengers. We deploy 18 self-owned vessels and three chartered vessels to operate the ferry service in inner harbour and outlying islands, including North Point-Hung Hom and North Point-Kowloon City, as well as Central-Cheung Chau, Central-Mui Wo and Inter Islands (between Peng Chau, Mui Wo, Chi Ma Wan and Cheung Chau).

Upon service commencement in 2000, Sun Ferry invested HK$150 million to acquire 15 vessels and ancillary facilities. Between 2001 and 2003, we further invested over HK$130 million to acquire a new fleet of eight high-speed catamarans. With the capacity to comfortably accommodate 200 to 400 passengers, each of the new double-deck high-speed catamarans is capable of reaching maximum speed of 24 knots, offering comfortable sea voyages for passengers to enjoy with the latest navigational aids and vessel facilities. In 2019, Sun Ferry acquired another high-speed catamaran with carrying capacity reaches 435 and speed at 27 knots to optimise the service.

Service On Vessel

To enhance passengers’ comfort and convenience, Sun Ferry spares no effort to upgrade the service and facilities on vessels with innovative ideas and solutions.

With breastfeeding on the rise in Hong Kong, we launched the first-ever breastfeeding room on public transport in June 2016 on the triple-deck vessels Xin Guang, offering a cosy and private space for breastfeeding mothers. The initiative was extended to four other triple-deck vessels including “Xin Chao”, “Xin Fei”, “Xin Guo” and “Xin Fa”.

Breastfeeding rooms are featuring caring facilities such as:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Sofa
  • Diaper pad
  • Washing basin
  • Hand dryer
  • Commodity Shelf
  • Alcohol-Free handrub
  • Intercom
  • Emergency bell
Breastfeeding facilities_Diaper padBreastfeeding facilities_Washing basinBreastfeeding facilities_Emergency bell

Meanwhile, we introduced the designated priority seats in blue coverings for breastfeeding mums on all fast ferries to strengthen the efforts in promoting breastfeeding onboard.

As part of our continued support for the breastfeeding campaign, we were the first Hong Kong public transport company which took part in the “Say Yes to Breastfeeding” campaign initiated by The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF and supported by the Food and Health Bureau and the Department of Health in late 2016. We hope to collaborate with various organisations in an effort to turn Hong Kong into a more breastfeeding friendly city.

Use of breastfeeding room: 

  1. Passengers regardless of the travel class are welcome to use the breastfeeding room of ordinary ferries by informing the staff at the piers’ Customer and Octopus Services Centre before boarding, or approaching our crewmember during the journey.
  2. Notes to users of breastfeeding room

All triple-deck ordinary vessels including “Xin Guo”, “Xin Guang”, “Xin Fei”, "Xin Chao" and “Xin Fa” are each fitted with three free onboard mobile devices charging service stations, located in the middle of upper ordinary-class cabin, at the bow and in the middle of the deluxe-class cabin respectively. All double-deck ordinary vessels including “Xin Zhong”, “Xin Ying” and “Xin Jie” are each fitted with two free onboard mobile devices charging service stations which are located at the upper ordinary-class cabin and the deluxe-class cabin respectively, allowing passengers to conveniently charge the mobile devices for free with their own USB connectors. Please click here for the user manual.

Passengers can enjoy free Wi-Fi service on the ferries of Central and Cheung Chau, Central and Mui Wo and Interislands routes. (Please click here for connection methods.)

Soft-drink vending machines are available on most of the ferries (not including First Ferry IX, First Ferry X, First Ferry XI and ferries plying between North Point-Hung Hom and North Point-Kowloon City), accept payment by Octopus Card only

Snack vending machines are available on all ordinary ferries that ply outlying island routes, accept payment by Octopus Card only 

Ordinary ferry is divided into two classes, namely ordinary class and deluxe class. Air-conditioning is provided in the cabins of deluxe class of ordinary ferry and fast ferry.

Designated wheelchair spaces are available on different types of ferry vessels (as shown below) allowing wheelchair users to travel . For details, please refer to the wheelchair space notice at piers or on the ferries.

Type of Vessel Vessel Name Amount of Wheelchair Space (at the lower deck only)
Triple-deck Xin Chao 3
Xin Guang 3
Xin Fei 3
Xin Guang 3
Xin Fa 2
Double-deck Xin Ying 1
Xin Zhong 1
Xin Jie 1
Fast Ferry New Ferry II 1
First Ferry III 1
First Ferry V 1
First Ferry VI 1
First Ferry VII 1
First Ferry VIII 1
First Ferry IX 1
First Ferry X 1
First Ferry XI 1
First Ferry XVIII 2
Chartered vessel Sing Way 11 1
Ming River 1
Plenty River 1

We suggest wheelchair users/groups calling our Customer Service Hotline at 2131 8181 or emailing to our Service Suggestions mailbox at in advance to learn more about the embarkation and disembarkation arrangement.

Service At Piers

The safety of our passengers and crew is of utmost importance to us. As such, we review the adequacy of pier facilities regularly. Automated External Defibrillators (AED) are installed at Central Pier 5, Cheung Chau Pier and Mui Wo Pier for our trained staff to provide timely medical assistance in case of emergency. Should there is a need to use the AED, please approach the on-duty pier inspector.

Automated External Defibrillator_1 Automated External Defibrillator_2

Passengers can purchase the Octopus Card and top up the Octopus by cash at Sun Ferry Customer and Octopus Service Centres at the Central Pier No.5, Central Pier No.6, Cheung Chau Pier and Mui Wo Pier

Passengers can check their Octopus' remaining value and the latest transaction records, collect incomplete transaction or other refund and bonus and check the status of their Octopus among others via the Octopus Service Point

Soft-drink vending machines are available at Central Pier No.5, Central Pier No.6, Cheung Chau Pier, Mui Wo Pier, North Point Pier, Hung Hom Pier and Kowloon City Pier, accept payment by Octopus Card only

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