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The tale behind the Cheung Chau Jiao Festival, celebrated on the Buddha's Birthday falling on the eighth day of the fourth month on the lunar calendar, lies in a plague causing the death of many Cheung Chau islanders years ago. The plague eventually ceased after prayers and offerings were made, with rituals being carried on till today for peace and prosperity. Among the many interesting festive activities is a parade featuring colourful floats, lion dances and children dressed in costumes, attracting foreign visitors to come all the way to decipher the secrets behind the floats.

The celebration reaches its climax at midnight when the Bun Scrambling Competition kicks off, in which contestants climb a tall tower studded with thousands of buns and grab as many buns as they can. Being suspended for 26 years, this competition made a comeback in 2005 with orderly arrangements and extra safety measures, taking on a completely new face as an interesting sports activity.

In 2011, Cheung Chau Jiao Festival was included in the third Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong.

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